How I Work

Consultation, Treatment  & Recommendation

What to expect from your first visit?


The consultation and postural assessment

On your first treatment you will receive a consultation (all information given is strictly confidential) in order to gather relevant medical and lifestyle information. This information is vital to the holistic element of my work which helps to treat symptoms, as well as seeks to understand the underlying causes of any tension and imbalance in your body. This will be followed by postural assessment with use of advanced software, which will generate a report specific to your posture. This means that we can work together to try and eliminate the causes of the problem in order to achieve a long-lasting improvement in your health and well-being.


The Initial Assessment

This appointment is booked together with initial consultation. During this 30min visit I will conduct neurological, orthopaedic and/or muscle testing in order to determine or rule out any conditions. During this appointment we will be able to establish working diagnosis and find out how well your nervous system is operating.


Agreeing you chiropractic treatment plan

If appropriate we may recommend you to continue with just chiropractic treatment plan. That will be tailored depending on your condition and overall body function.


Agreeing a treatment plan for your "tailor-made" massage session

A treatment can then be devised that is totally suited to your individual needs, whether that is pain relief, improved mobility, reduced levels of tension and anxiety, or simply relaxation. We will together identify the aims and goals of the treatment, and I will choose the relevant combination of strokes and techniques in order to achieve those goals. In cases of inflammation, strain or sprain I incorporate kinesiology taping to support the injuries.


Follow-up treatments

If necessary, a follow-up treatment plan is also discussed. Where there is a specific problem e.g. back pain, frozen shoulder, RSI, or chronically tense shoulders, then a short course of remedial treatments is usually to be recommended. In these instances, where the body is typically caught in the downward spiral of the pain-spasm-dysfunction cycle, a one-off treatment will not bring about any real long-lasting improvement. A course of treatments, however, has a cumulative effect which will take the body and the tissues back into the positive upward spiral of being pain-free with an increased range of easy movement. This in turn encourages more movement and exercise, helping the body maintain a more healthy level of functioning.

Where relaxation and stress relief is the primary goal, then the frequency of sessions is dictated by individual circumstances. Most clients find that a short course of weekly or fortnightly treatments brings tension levels down to a manageable level, after which a monthly massage provides an excellent 'maintenance' programme, and is always something they look forward to.


Post-treatment recommendations

I often give recommendations on exercise, stretching and posture as part of my holistic approach; these are designed to help you get the maximum benefit from the massage itself. Relatively small adjustments in your lifestyle and daily habits are often enough to bring about a significant improvement in your health and wellbeing. To find out more, get in touch by calling us on the telephone number above or send us an email via the form on the contact page.