Massage & Back Pain

Many clients come to us for non-specific back pain, ranging from fitness instructors to office workers, and from retired people to highly active cyclists and runners, so there is no one “type” of person that is more or less likely to suffer from back pain.

“Samantha” first visited the clinic with irritating lower back pain which was presenting as tightness, tension and general soreness. After some initial investigation it became apparent that Samantha’s tension originated from her glutes – back pain is not always symptomatic of there being an actual problem with the back itself.

It can be hard to establish just what causes this type of back pain – it can be poor biomechanics, bending and lifting in the wrong way, using bad form when training or simply sitting a lot during the day.

We worked through the knots in her glutes to ease the tightness and alleviate the tension and Samantha was given some suggested glute stretches to continue with at home.

If, whilst carrying out the initial investigation on the clients back, it was suspected that there may be a trapped nerve, slipped disc or any form of disc deterioration than it would be recommended that the client visit their GP for a referral for an x-ray or MRI.

Sports or Remedial massage can help to treat the upper and lower back pain. The upper back pain or ache is often caused by an incorrect posture. The ache usually presents itself at the top of the shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Most “shoulder tension” arise from the incorrect head - shoulder alignment and lack of exercise routine. The treatment at Massage Therapy Derby incorporates a mixture of sports massage, gentle manipulation of Dorn method and extensive home care advise composed of exercises to correct the posture and reduce the tension. Upper back tension can be caused by studying, use of mobile devices, office work and cold weather.

Lower back ache/ pain can often have different presentation. Some of the "pain" can be caused by tension in the gluteus (bum), or lattisimus dorsi (back muscles) or tension in quadratus lumborum (lower back muscles). The muscles can tense up so much referring the pain to the lower back, making it feel sore and achy. The massage helps to relax those muscles allowing the freedom of movement in the lower back. Occasionally the lower back ache may be due to misalignment in pelvis. At Massage Therapy Derby this is checked and treated by using gentle Dorn Technique. This technique focuses on therapy through movement so there is no drastic cracking or violent movement involved. The lower back tension can be caused by incorrect posture when sitting, leaning or turning to one side, carrying a baby or breastfeeding, increased lower back curvature, weak abdominal muscles etc.