Massage & Neck Pain

“Dan” is one of many clients that have attended the clinic with a pain that seems to have come out of nowhere and cannot be attributed to one specific thing. He experienced severe neck pain and stiffness on waking in the morning, and whilst he automatically assumed that he may have slept in an awkward position, it may also have been the result of the long driving journey he had taken the previous day or his time spent on the phone in his office, cradling the phone between his ear and his shoulder.

The sudden onset of this neck problem meant that Dan was experiencing restricted movement and was struggling to look over his shoulder to reverse his car.

An initial sports massage alleviated the immediate pain and putting in place a treatment plan of additional massages aided the ongoing management of the problem and ensured that the problem did not arise again. Dan was able to assess the ongoing improvement as his range of movement returned and his neck flexibility returned, allowing him to fully turn his head right and left.

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