Massage & Office Work

“Louise” arrived at the clinic presenting sporadic back ache and neck ache. As an office based administrator, she spends a large proportion of her time sitting at a desk. This lack of movement is not natural for the body, as it is not designed to not move for such long time periods and restricted movement throughout an eight hour daily period had been causing more and more tension to be introduced to her body.

Along with putting in a place a series of massage treatments, we discussed ways to try and alleviate the back pain by focussing on Louise’s posture when she is at work. This includes considering her seating posture, the position of her computer screen, her chair height, keyboard and mouse position and the layout of all her equipment on her desk. She also needs to take regular breaks throughout the day to move around and stretch her muscles.

The treatments we worked through included relaxing tight muscles in her upper back and arms and stretching her hip flexors to alleviate the lower back ache. We also spent some time relaxing her stiff neck.

Office workers suffer frequently form upper back tension due to prolonged sitting at a desk. The human body is dynamic and should not be still for that long. Lack of movement and poor posture can cause tension in neck, shoulders, back, bottom, arms and forearms.

Treatment at massage therapy derby can focus on:

  • relaxing tense shoulders (elevated due to stress and job pressure)
  • stretching tight hip flexors (causing arch in lower back and result in lower back ache)
  • massaging tense and sore gluteus (sitting position stretches those bum muscles, making them weak and tender to touch)
  • massaging tight arms (lack of upward movement) and stretching tense forearms (from typing and using mouse)
  • massaging and stretching tight chest, from keeping arms forward (while typing or writing)
  • relaxing stiff neck (from looking forward for long periods of time)

The number and type of treatments for people who work in office environments vary from person to person. Massage Therapy Derby recommend a series of exercises and homecare advice to complement the treatment to get maximum benefit and results.