Massage & Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage“Allanah” was suffering from symptoms very common in pregnancy – lower back ache, buttock ache and aches through her shoulders and neck. Somewhere between a half and three quarters of pregnant women suffer from back pain at some stage and in most instances it  is caused by ligaments, muscles, discs and joints becoming strained from the additional weight the body is carrying.

Through massage treatment we were able to release the tension in Allanah’s hips and ease her aching back and shoulders.  Overall she felt the benefit of the treatment not just in her physical well-being but by having the opportunity to relax and enjoy the release of some feel good, pain relieving endorphins.

Allanah continued with her pregnancy massages from the early stages of pregnancy through to the last trimester and did comment that in the later stages of her pregnancy the tension relieving massages really helped her to get a good night’s sleep.