Massage & Sports

“Tom” had recently signed up to a new twelve week body building program, which involved working out with heavy weights five times a week, for around an hour and a half each session. He was already fit and toned, but the new program was causing some tension and restriction in his muscles, partly attributable to focussing all of his attention on strength training without incorporating any flexibility training alongside it, which is essential.

Whilst this client had good muscle tone, his posture was poor and this can be quite typical in men as he had been focussing on the main muscle groups (biceps, triceps, deltoids and pecs in the upper body, abs in the mid-section and quads and hamstrings in the lower body), yet he had not given any attention to the smaller, less visible yet still important muscle groups, which include hip flexors, rotator cuff, glutes and neck flexors. This resulted in some postural changes over the period he had been training and the muscular imbalances across the body had caused him to inadvertently overcompensate with a swayback posture.

With a series of treatments over a couple of months we were able to correct the posture and promote an improvement in performance and better technique, by ensuring that along with his weight training, Tom also focussed on some flexibility moves (such as planking and bridging) that helped to him to lengthen and straighten.

The more training you do, the more treatment you should consider – professional athletes and sports men and women have massage treatments around four to five times a week!

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