Massage & Studying

canstockphoto23801105 student studying on bed“Jo” was preparing for her final year exams and was spending long periods of time studying, not necessarily always at a workstation / desk, but often on the sofa or on the bed, in a range of positions that twisted the body and caused discomfort after prolonged periods of study.

Primarily, Jo found she was both suffering from upper shoulder tension and neck ache.

As Jo is fairly young she didn’t require as many treatments as someone more mature may do. The recommended course of three treatments helped to alleviate her symptoms (there was no previous injury or medical condition, which does make a difference). The treatment focussed on relaxing tense muscles, building up weak muscles and also a postural assessment.   In addition to this, Jo has been taught techniques to avoid experiencing the same problems going forward.

Jo noticed a marked improvement in the tension in her shoulders and neck after just the first session.

When preparing for the exams students spend long periods of time studying which can cause similar problems the ones associated with office workers.

  • Tense shoulders
  • Stiff neck
  • Back ache
  • Tension headaches
  • Sense of discomfort
  • Difficulty to relax

Because students actually spend more time sitting and typing on the computer the effects are much worse. As most students are fairly young they do not usually require as many treatments. The treatment would include about 3 sessions of sports massage combined with Dorn method and after care advise. This is assuming there is no other injuries or medical conditions.